Dev Narayan Logistics LLP is a young organization and draws its strength form its associated organization, which have a very wide and diverse experience in transport management. We have 10 years’ experience in logistics. Using the state-of-art technology and experienced professionals, our organization provides diversified and specialized services that are exclusively designed to give our esteemed customers a competitive edge in the market by providing the best services at the most cost-effective prices. We provide you with flexible, value added logistics services that go far beyond just pick-up and delivery.

We pick your valuable cargo from your doorstep and move it in safe and swift manner to assure you, not just perfect and prompt delivery, but also a tension free mind   Dev Narayan Logistics LLP integrates cargo transportation, safety, distribution, inventory control and logistic services in such a way, to provide our customers with.

Dev Narayan Logistics LLP we understand the need for express distribution and offer a complete chain of service by all three modes Surface (Express), Air and Train connection. Especially for Delhi/NCR & North Region.

Dev Narayan Logistics LLP provides warehousing and distribution network in all major cities to help our clients in reducing fixed overhead. We give the single window solutions to our esteemed customers while providing them warehousing and distribution services. The primary purpose of our warehousing and distribution facility is to ensure that the right amount stock is in the inventory, available at the appropriate time, in the correct condition; order picked on schedule in the right quantity and delivered to the required location to satisfy our customer order. Our distribution system depends to a large extent on our warehousing facility because of our efficient system in the warehousing. We can handle the distribution in a very effective and customer satisfactory way. With the best of Knowledge, Man power, technology and a wide network can reach every nook and corer of the world to deliver your goods safe on time. Our Supply chain is a critical factor in reaching out to the customer’s need of quick and efficient transportation system for goods movement.

Dev Narayan Logistics LLP understand the value of time for businesses are increasingly demanding distribution services which will allow them to take advantage of the growth in domestic trade and commerce, providing faster supply chains solutions and more efficient logistics.

We expert in Project Shipment Movement  from Delhi NCR to all vessel dispatched destination. From end-to-end integrated logistics services which include warehouse management, third party logistics, distribution management, inventory management, critical inventory logistics, transportation, network design and consultancy we deliver what’s most important to you – peace of mind.

Dev Narayan Logistics LLP  optimize our client’s overall supply chain by providing integrating multiple logistics functions starting from material and product collection, warehousing, value added services, distribution, cross docking.


Provide customized value added solutions thru innovative techniques to

  • Reduce logistics cost
  • Enhance customer satisfaction/experience
  • Ensure result driven culture


To become a global leader in the business and be known

For pioneering solutions in logistics, worldwide.

Build a Quality Offering

      The first goal Dev Narayan Logistics LLP is to deliver value through a quality service. This   requires building a large contact list of freighters in the shipping, rail, air and trucking industries. Having a network to tap is critical. Contacting this company on behalf of your freight clients and negotiating for transport and delivery is a major aspect of the industry. Working with a network of warehouses is also important for clients requiring warehousing services.

Customer Service Goals

        Happy customers will continue using a logistic service. A major aspect of the process is continuing customer communications throughout the entire process. Set follow up objectives to ensure your customers that you are monitoring their freight from the point of origin to the point of delivery. In some cases, customers will even pay a higher rate, because they trust your service, and they know that you will communicate and work on their behalf the entire time.


Thank You